Jereme Richard aka Burnout & Nathan Charest are our newest Blitz Champions. Congratulations to you both!!

These two were selected randomly to play together and never looked back. Not losing their first game until the finals, where they sat in the king seat and eventually took home the title 👑

• Burnout finished the regular season ranked #4

• Nathan finished the regular season ranked #14

Second place went to Kyle Gagne & Jay Cushing 👏🏼 after losing their first game they battled their way out of the losers bracket and made it all the way to the finals. Great shooting fellas!

Big shout out to Game Changer Sports Bar and Grill for allowing Blitz to happen! We appreciate you.

Thank you all for coming out and for all the support. We’re excited to see the Blitz family grow. We hope to see you all for SEASON 6, starting up OCTOBER 10th. Where we will have an Advanced and Competitive division 🫢🌽🕳️

CONGRATS TO THE CHAMPS! See you all at the tournament!

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