Congratulations to Joe Randlett for winning MVP of season 3!!!

In an intense and epic season, the top 20 players all deserve a mention and appreciation post as well. Below are your top 20 players for season III.

1. Joe Randlett

2. Jake Reed

3. Keith Nieman

4. Derek C.

5. Kyle G. aka $nap$hotz

6. Adam R.

7. Tim Randlett Jr.

8. Drevin R.

9. Charles S.

10. Peyton A.

11. Jay Cushing

12. Dylan Berry aka Zero Bagz

13. Lady of the People

14. Cody Raymond

15. Adam Fournier

16. Doco D.

17. D-Bag

18. Twisted Jr.

19. Sean M.

20. Marie 😎

Season MVP decides if we matchup top with middle, top with bottom OR random top 10 with random bottom 10… decisions decisions

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