North: W5 Winners

The South league was rained out this weekend so alas the only updates are from our glorious North League.

A smaller showout than in weeks’ past but the lower number of contestants didn’t lower competition level. Intense battles from the jump, we saw bags fly, sit and hole in dramatic fashion.

Burnout Jigga and Denise L keep on climbing the leaderboard despite different teammates weekly. This week they took home the third place prize.

Joe R and Jake R are super committed to the league and to their craft, as they took home second place.

But the night belonged to Derek C and Brent M. The two men were on a mission this week, holing bag after bag to claim the top spot.

Also a shoutout is deserved for Burnout Jigga once again. He hit 2 of the 4 bags in the airmail challenge taking home the top prize. Wow Congrats.

Only three weeks left in the regular season to rack up points, dollars and dubs, don’t miss your chance! See you all next Tuesday.

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