Blitz Cornhole’s Inaugural season will kick off this month!

The North Cornhole League will take place on Tuesdays at Game Changers Bar & Grill in Londonderry, NH.

The South Cornhole League will take place on Sundays at a location to be determined in Canton, MA.

The season will begin August 28th (South) and 30th (North), and run for seven regular season weeks, and then will commence with one final playoff week.

At the end of it all, the top players from the North and South will battle it out to determine the Ultimate Blitz Cornhole champion.

Register online (here) or in person. If you choose the week by week option , it’s $15 to enter the player pool and build your Player Profile.

Every week you will be matched up with a random partner from the player pool.

Matchups will be a Best of 5 series OR one hour in length (whichever comes first).

The cap each week will be set at 64 people max, making for a total of 32 teams.

First 16 teams will play at 7pm; the remaining 16 will play at 8pm.

The Winning 16 teams (winners bracket) from each hour, will then play in a single elimination bracket in the last hour of the night to determine our weekly winners.

Wins and losses will be recorded throughout the season to determine individual season rankings.

(single elimination rounds do not count towards your overall points)

Win = 5 points

Loss = 3 points

Show up to watch = 1 point

The Playoffs will will be a double elimination bracket pairing players from the pool based on their final season standings.


  • Cash prizes will be rewarded every single week!
    • First person to make a 4 bagger wins $10
    • $1 Raffle Tickets for a chance to play the Blitz Airmail Challenge 
    • Cash payout to doubles winners

What’s the Blitz Airmail Challenge you ask?

Each week you can purchase a 1 dollar raffle ticket. At the end of the night, a random ticket will be pulled to reveal the winner for the Airmail Challenge. The winner will receive 4 bags and 4 throws. The pot will be split into four denominations, 1 for each individual bag thrown. If there are no airmails are made, the pot will carry over to next week for a larger Airmail Challenge!

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